One Bra to do it All

Posted:  Wed, 06/21/2017 - 8:30am

.... some kind of Super Bra?

We wish.  Think of a wardrobe of intimates, or a cast of several, to do the jobs necessary.

Mostly, the variation needed is required to support you in various endeavors, and to function with your clothing choices.

In your lingerie drawer you need:

several everyday bras so you can rotate during the week of wear and wash;

sport bras for your various activities from gardening to high impact sports like running or horseback riding;

leisure bras for coverage and support while you are lounging around;

very supportive and pretty bras (and panties) to complete a special outfit or occasion;

a T-shirt bra for when you are wearing something clingy and light-colored;

a plunge, strapless, and/or convertible bra for wearing with complicated necklines or strapless dresses and tops;