Spring Book Sale and Ice Cream Social Scheduled at Wiscasset Library

Posted:  Tue, 05/23/2017 - 10:15am

The Friends of the Wiscasset Library will be holding a Spring Book sale on Saturday June 10 from noon until 3 p.m.  The event will be held in the recently renovated Used Book Room on the lower level of the library, and weather permitting on the brick patio outside the room.

 Buy a hardback book for $2 and get an ice cream treat for free, buy two books get two treats.  This is an opportunity to provide summer reading for you and your kids, and it is also a fun activity for parents and grandparents to participate in with their children and grandchildren.

 In addition to many types of adult reading, the Used Book Room has a collection of children’s books.

 The easiest way to get to the Used Book Room is to walk along the brick path leading to it on the lower level of the library grounds.

 The patio and sidewalk were built with funds donated by Library Trustees as a way to encourage more people to visit the Used Book Room, but also as a way to raise money for the library.  Patrons can order inscribed bricks with names or sayings on them to replace the ordinary bricks. The inscribed bricks are a lasting legacy to loved ones or pets.  The library buys the inscribed bricks at a discount, thus raising funds from each order.  The deadline for this year’s order is May 31.   Order forms are available at the library.

And do mark on your calendars for June 10 to come to the Spring book sale and ice cream social event.