Protect Yourself From Attacks

Posted:  Thursday, April 5, 2018 - 2:30pm

Heart Attack - Remove the heart

Sneak Attack - Hit their sneakers first

Attack of the Clones - What?

Now that you’ve clicked on something really stupid, why not read this to the end?


Since we started selling Paw Wax from Crow Point, we haven’t sold much of our staple Musher’s Secret. Don’t get me wrong, Musher’s Secret is a fine product and works great protecting your little Fuzz Bucket’s paws from salt, asphalt sizzle, cuts, and makes it easier for older dogs to walk on slippery surfaces like tile and hardwood floors. But Paw Wax is better, and it’s made right here in Boothbay Harbor. 

That being said (or written) we’re going to be offering PERFECTLY GOOD Musher’s Secret for 40% off. That’s FORTY (Not fourty) percent off for those of you who are terrible at math.

That translates to:

60 grams – WAS $23.00 / NOW $13.80
200 grams – WAS $35.00 / NOW $21.00
454 grams – WAS $50.00 / NOW $30.00

And please be advised that just because we are offering these by the gram we are NOT drug dealers and this is NOT a code for drugs. Musher’s Secret is a Canadian company and are forced to use the metric system by an international cabal of well-meaning but tyrannical scientists. I suppose I could convert grams to ounces, but that would take a lot of time I would otherwise spend on writing irritating ads in the Register.