Steampunk miniature dress

Posted:  Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 9:15am

Here is a miniature dress made from the pages of Wetware, a 1988 biopunk science fiction novel written by Rudy Rucker.

I make these one-of-a-kind miniature literary dress (made from the pages of a secondhand book) to inspire people to read classic works in a variety of genres. This altered book art piece is handpainted with watercolor. The dress is made with tulle and tissue paper with various steampunk decorative appliqu├ęs. Perfect for birthdays, a writer in your life or a collector's piece for yourself. Each dress is stitched up the back with colored thread and comes with its own custom hanger and miniature clothesline clips.

Only one available. Find it on our Etsy shop.

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