Providence docks in Wiscasset

Repairs planned
Posted:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 3:45pm

The wooden sloop Providence docked in Wiscasset Harbor Tuesday for repairs expected to take until late spring. The Providence will require, among other things, new masts and spurs, and restoration of much of its exterior. It will also likely need more work on its engines.

On July 10, the select board agreed to the ship being repaired in Wiscasset. It is a 1976 reproduction of an early American Navy vessel that was the young John Paul Jones' first command.

The reproduction was damaged in a storm at its homeport of Providence, Rhode Island.

Maine shipbuilder Rob Stevens, who is also working on the reproduction of the 1604 pinnace Virginia, thought to be Maine’s first ship, will repair and restore the Providence. He has a shipyard in Small Point, Phippsburg, but most of the repairs to the Providence will take place at the recreational pier on the Sheepscot River.

The ship was delayed more than a week due to engine trouble and put into a slip in Portland. Although some of the troubles were overcome before it motored up the coast, by the time it docked in Wiscasset, the engine was making a noise that was not normal, and that will also have to be worked on before the ship is seaworthy, Stevens said.

It is still hoped the Providence will be ready to depart by the end of April, he said.